Stages In A Trader’s Development

A beginning trader starts out with zeal and passion and focuses on winning.
The great fear of the beginner is to lose an opportunity, so the beginner trades too much and ends up suffering significant losses. Many traders never get past this stage.

With experience, the beginning trader realizes that the goal is not simply to make money, but to make more money with profit than with loss.
Instead of focusing solely on winning, the more experienced trader also focuses on not losing and reducing risk.
Therefore, the goal is consistency of trade and profitability and, above all, to stay in the game.
This is when the newbie becomes a good trader.
Now, however, the good trader faces a new stage of development:
increases the consistency of trade.

The good trader grows laterally, expanding his knowledge and skills and finding a wider range of opportunities.
The good trader also develops depth in his trading by finding superior ways to manage positions and their ever-evolving risk / return.

The good trader becomes a great trader by exercising his skills and experience in different market environments, striking a balance between looking for opportunities with confidence and being careful with risk.
Good traders keep getting better at the game.
Large merchants find promising new games.

I recently looked intensely at the daily price of the stock market from 2014 to the present.
I have cycled in new ways and explored ways to make the most of the phases of those cycles.
In defining the cycles, instead of the regularity of time, I looked for the regularity of the structure.
This has led to new business ideas.

But we always have the strength to be innovative and turn good things into great things.

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